UltimateGrain Bundle

Ultimate Film Grain Packbundle up & save 50% Buy $49

The bundle includes:

  • 4 plates of clean 35mm film grain, in a scale of 1 – 4 (fine – rough)
  • 4 plates of clean 16mm film grain
  • 4 plates of clean 8mm film grain
  • 9 plates of “dust and scratches” against a grey background
  • 6 plates of white “dust and scratches” against a black background
  • 1 plate of essential 35mm – 16mm dirt running for 5 minutes
  • 4 plates of flicker patterns
  • 6 plates of “line-scratches”
  • 2 plates of “micro-scratches”
  • 6 Quick8mm Looks, still and animated
  • 1 plate of 8mm Film “Heavy Damage” simulation
  • A set of 5 standard and 3 8mm Gate Hard Mattes

12 clean film grain plates

Film grain from 35mm, 16mm and 8mm scans. Choose any look from cinematic 35mm, to indie 16mm and vintage 8mm.

Over 20 minutes of dirt artifacts

Don’t be afraid to get your video dirty. Ideal for normal dirt on print, medium/heavy damaged and vintage looks. Designed to allow maximum compositing freedom.

Fully adjustable with opacity, brightness & contrast filter

Precisely tweak the opacity and the intensity of the film grain to fit any scene.

Film Grain v2

Film Grain v2 is an entirely new set of premium quality 35mm and 16mm film grain plates. They were scanned at 4K resolution and then down-sampled to 1080p for an even more accurate grain structure and beautiful texture. There is also an improved version of the 8mm film grain pack. All plates are now available in both ProRes 4444 and H.264. You can download a free 35mm Film Grain v1 plate and a v2 watermarked sample here.

The Filmmakers’ Choice.

The UltimateGrain bundle is a complete library of premium quality film elements. Filmmakers, editors, colorists from all over the world use holygrain in any project, from no budget and indie productions to commercials, wedding videos, vfx compositing, short films or even feature length films. Try it today!




*35mm Film Grain v2 is available as a free upgrade for the existing users. Please check your email address. 

**Windows users can download the ProRes decoder here.

  • 1920 x 1080
  • 23,976p
  • Available in both ProRes 4444 and H.264
  • Instant download